Honors Eligibility


Honors Programs

Honors Courses are available in specific disciplines: English, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science. These courses offer enrichment in the scope of material presented, in the depth of exploration and in the expectation of student performance.


Entrance Requirements for Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Year


To qualify for honors-level course placement, students enrolled in a non-honors course must achieve an “A” average (90) through marking periods 1-2, as well as scoring an 87 or above each marking period. If a student meets this criterion, he/she will be eligible to be scheduled for honors-level coursework. Each student’s placement will be revisited at the conclusion of the school year. Any student who fails to maintain an “A” average, or scores below an 87 during the 3rd and/or 4th marking periods, may forfeit his/her eligibility to enter an honors class. 


Students who do not meet the grade requirements, but wish to apply for an honors-level course, must complete an Honors Program Appeal Form for each discipline. The window for submitting the form will be open at the beginning of May of each school year. (As the appeal window nears, the appeal form and the exact due date will be sent to students via email.) In addition to several student-generated responses, the Honors Program Appeal Form also consists of a teacher recommendation. When recommending students, teachers take into account classroom behavior and attitude, student motivation and work ethic, reactions to setbacks, and the student’s acceptance of responsibility.  




Students’ Rights and Responsibilities in the Honors Program


  • If it becomes evident that a student is unable to achieve at least a “C” average, as evidenced by marking period one and two grades, the placement will be reviewed.  Communication between the teacher, parent, student, and school counselor will occur.  If the recommendation is that the student be reassigned to the regular academic program, a conference with the student, parent, teacher and school counselor may be scheduled.  Decisions regarding reassignment will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students receiving a final grade of “C” or lower will automatically lose the opportunity to continue in the Honors program within that discipline during the next school year.
  • Should the student be moved to a non-honors class for any reason during the school year, the student will not be eligible for Honors the following school year.
  • If a student is removed from an honors section, their cumulative grade will be determined based on the general scale.